Friday, 14 August 2009

the last letter


your last may just be your best.

A typical Sean poem about a not so typical girl constantly in a love/hate relationship with the world and, it’s never for any good reason… because there never is one. It transcends success and failure. It’s poetry in motion. Even when it feels like it’s not- it is. A life that if was a graph would look like a rollercoaster but, at least you’re not still in neverwhere engaged to a guy who you KNOW when he gets older is going to pull his white socks up as high as he’ll wear those cream shorts you know? (With that dark brown leather belt? And the cheap sneakers?)

At times one lives not a life accepted, but know we never accepted, the life expected

so do do do do what you want to forsake these feelings just gives your past an excuse to haunt.