Friday, 27 November 2009


if i could fuck at all
in that bedroom I
I can feel so small
while this is growing
in the back of my head
I draw a quick breath
as the rain hits my neck
to shield short pain my collar is lifted
the fact is my skins a little sensitive
like Feist- i feel it all
but like Dizzee- i stand up tall
as everything i see
is apart of me
mainly the london city
from hobbs to tuff and finsbury
all my writing does embody
everybody but... it's still me
view me by looking through me
see what i see, see if you'd do what i'd do
if you where in my shoes.
(Like you wouldn't wanna sing the blues)
so could you
give two heartbeats to a cricklewood crew
get off the heath but still have a kite hill view
lay beneath the world you want.
give your past no excuse to haunt