Monday, 2 November 2009

i like your bits

click clack click clack
The sound of my cold walk home
after a chat
a man who didn't really converse
but talk
another night wasted now
how many now is that?
In the cold of the night
I find comfort in memories
when I'd laugh in a chat
dance in my flat. now...
click clack click clack.
I'm looking at the train track
Finsbury park station.
I'm looking at the track.
Thinking about how i'd look
laid out on that click
click. clack. click, clack.
The train will arrive
In two minutes time
and I've click clacked
past the yellow line.
such a stupid idea.
It'd really hurt and I'd definitely die
but the feeling of pain begins to appeal
to one who has forgotten how to feel
and the train is roaring towards me.
I haven't moved back
And the train is getting closer.
that dudes voice is in my head.
man he got me mad
is that how click i want clack to go out
because of him?
step back clack click man I'm thick.
the wind from the train
is like a slap in the face.
fucking idiot. That really would have hurt
i would have died!
click clack click clack.
the sound of my boots
walking home after a chat
Of course I wouldn't have
... killed myself
but i still cry a little
for thinking about it.
to fall like that,
and then get hit.
on how cool it would look.
if it was being filmed.
if, my life was a film.
Some sort of romance to the desperation
some sort of arc to the character
a third dimension
a story
an end.