Thursday, 4 November 2010


Her to leave immediately
she does so
in a grumpy manner
less-in moments
than i should be
lesson learnt:
never try to be another

You could call it a dance
black and white classic. Slide.
told it. Right. Took a chance.
and it paid off. The crowd roars
with laughter, no claps, no 'ooh's
and, i get to step back, enjoy it too.

The covers are suffocating
but my skin is too cold.
My breathing is tripled.
Then doubled-tenfold
will be sick but can't acknowledge it
i know i will vomit
hate more so that i can't control it

"in my fathers suit"
floppy sleeves go long past my knees
while the mic chord gets lost in-tangling-
my jokes- i can watch myself from the audience
getting angry. From here, i don't like me.
One dude figures out he has the power to boo.
And becomes everyones inspiration.