Thursday, 4 November 2010

it's the growth

I've outgrown my grief
I try to wear it with pride
although i know it doesn't fit
what am I without pain?
always a man alive nevertheless
sadness haunts the question remains
if all around you has changed
is it truly wise to remain the same?
sadness haunts only because happiness dawns
like an old friend gone I'm yet to say goodbye
the love of my life who lives the life i love
lives right around the corner
and i have to realise there is no wall in my way
before my burden made everything harder
thought i was going backwards
turns our i was pulling back on a catapult
hurdling me towards mountain tops
now i ask what am to do without what put me here?
Never will i don the mantle of daredevil
never can i be a man without fear
but what am i without the old pain?
Mahoney, all the same.