Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Be real.

who is he?

who is this dude you seem to be hiding from me?

and more importantly
what does he mean to you?

are you hiding out of embarrassment?
Ashamed that this man is calling your name?
oh i see, you're hiding because you know that
he's not worthy in comparison to - well, i don't want to brag.
or is it because you're scared to confess
you've fallen in love with someone else?
either way I'm not sure i want to know
i'd rather just believe the former
and still dream that i am your lover
and when you're alone you're dreaming of us together
and in substitute of me you've taken up, this
this dude
Who is he?
not that i, y'know, i mean.
I don't care.

I mean, i really don't. you're happy? that's good. that's all i need to know. Am i needed? no? okay. I'll go.

but, is he your halo?
when you talked about that song, man...

No i don't want to know. just keep me upbeat my sweet so i can keep my light feet.

but. no. but.

                               no never mind
                                                          it's cool
                                                                         it's cool