Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Fear for thoughts.

It hurts to love you
but it hurts more
to be without you
Not wanting to crowd
but don't want you thinking
I don't want to be around
A million thoughts
run through my mind
at the speed of sound
at the exact same time
"Does she still want me,
"Can't go back to how things where"
"Maybe she wants to go back
to how things where?"
"To close myself now I'd
be shut down forevermore"
It's like
we're hiding
and that's
When alone
when we're at home
she falls to my grace
and I relax, cry,
laugh and lie
with her.
I wish she'd just
jump in with me
instead I'm
He's in the wings
they're in the theatre
about me.
You... understand right?
All I want to do is hold you tight
but if you pretend
we are not
what we are
how can you expect me
to stay the night?
I wish I could tell you
I'm not a killer
but I'd kill for you
and that
I'm not a quitter
but I'd die for you
but come on,
would you want me to?
Because while it hurts to love you
and it hurts more to be without you
I'll die before before I ever burden you.