Thursday, 21 May 2009


Don’t bother phoning boy
You know she wont call back
And even if she did boy
She’s not going to tell you what you want to hear
No, she’s not coming back round here
Relax those shoulders boy
You’ve done all you could do,
Move a mountain,
It won’t make her love you

Just, stop writing that poetry boy
Is she really worth it?
Put that pen down boy
Does she really deserve it?
Can you honestly say that your back is got
When you’re doing all you can just to get
Creative support?

Just, stop those tears boy
Don’t go crying on the train
You’ve been hit by pikies boy
You’ve taken bigger pain
Don’t you fall like the rain
Don’t you stand still again.
Hold on, be strong
Run faster than you ever have
This ache has gone on too long
You’ve already done more than you should ever have

So please
Pick yourself up boy
If you wait
The life of a fool
Will be your fate.