Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Shoreditch legion.

Over inflated moustaches, cool-bowl haircuts dressed as trendy sluts harshest mascaras whitest brightest ray-bans and you are all welcome! You can all join the debauchery. The lower the better and if you're not working class just pretend, everyone else does so you'll fit in just fine in the end my friend though don't expect to ever hit any deeper than what you see and don't think you'll receive my sympathy if all music you hear turns out to be a BRMC mockery. Its the same old story just told with brand new trends, ever since the eighties we've been watching our friends riding the waves trying to swing like the sixties again if only recreation could create stimulation (if only some of these artists had their thinking caps on) and if we stand out? If we rock and roll all they'll do is steal our soul wear our clothes take us so we're left cold fucking bastards if I could kill them all I could. I mean would. Or.... Should?
But to massacre the audience would be wrong. So, I guess, no. Although the next time you find yourself east of the city and you see the shoreditch legion whose vintage dresses are so in season, whose scruffy beards are grown to perfection just remember man just know ten years ago they'd all be posing differently whereas you and me would be pioneering originality no mater what the century... Baby. x