Friday, 15 May 2009

What he'll say to her.

As I stared into the ocean
blue eyes of you I sensed
quiet, grass swaying
but no others moving-
an absence of people- Stillness.
So, I looked to my feet
and I looked to you
and made my promise
"All these stars
bear witness:
from here on in,
loving you, loving you
will be my business
and i shall make a fortune
a fortune in these hugs
and in these kisses.
These golden glowing green-olive

He forgets what he says as soon as he says it but knows every word is true. While stepping closer, he moves the hair away from her face and it rests on the top of her ear. His hand slowly pulls back, stroking her cheek. Her eyes do not blink but slowly close as she tip. Toes. Up.