Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A break up.

Ann has her eyes closed dancing to "It's got to be real" by Cheryl Lynn in an overtly sexualised manner with the brides father. He touches her bum . He's eighty six.
Her eyes open and pan to the corner of the Marquee where all napkin origami swans have been crumpled. No one's sat there. Sophie pulls her arms to carry on dancing.

She twirls to find Jeremy, not moving, with his coat on and hers in his arm.
They both stand still. He looks at her. Her face is lowered at the coat. They're both silent.

Grabs the coat, storms through the dance floor, straight to

Sitting in the cab looking at the door.
Tapping at the window.
Tapping at the window.
Tapping at the window.
The door opens. He strolls to the car, apologises to the cab driver.

They look out their windows.

About half an hour in It's got to be real by Cheryl Lynn plays on the radio and she starts crying.

His hands wrestle with each other.