Monday, 22 October 2012

Second draft. The vent.

Quarter to twelve and it's tea number four.
Maybe I should just vent my thoughts.
See if where I am is a place others have been before.
Not sure if I can last as long as my mates
I don't read much nor am I one for wordplay
how long can I really put a broken heart on display
I was nineteen when she said I'd be great one day.
One day you'll really be something special.
Back then I didn't know what to say,
Far as I was concerned, I was already great
But the American didn't need rumours to go her own way
Now I'm with those who chain smoke listening to the chain.
Given up most reaches for fame because it's embarrassing watching it chased
No, please do not ask me to retweet every product you make
nothing sadder than a former star refusing the request to fade away.
With that said, ladies and gentlemen, singer songwriter for queen, Brian May!
She said I'd be great one day. That's all I need. One day.
A day when I can look at my face from outside of myself
Clean my flat, answer my emails, figure little things out
remove each thought from my head and place them back
like tetris bricks and throw away the ones that don't fit.
instead I'm tangled with the parts of me I can't lose
each one taken a loss I've tried to remove myself from.
But if I can get that one day all those regrets will be gone.
Find a new beginning in a kiss like that night i was reborn.
Maybe that one day came and it's time to move on.
I've got to keep on talking, my head is too crowded
and I can't keep my thoughts in.
Englishmen don't suffer from depression
before suffering from repression
Too much pride to put your hand up in lesson
where I come from you can't afford to be wrong
Chairs sooner flung before you admit trouble with the sum
When it's all you've got lets see how valuable pride is to you
some jobs you just can't work
as you're still waiting to be given what you feel is deserved
weird position to be in wen you've got so much to prove
but can't afford to lose and it's like life's closed off all routes
so you stay in your room and play video games all day
wondering what the fuck it is you can do- Zombie blues
just slip away. Just let is slip away. One day you'll escape.
All we've got is mates that hate others success
and you laugh with them but in your head you know
it'd be so much better if they were all dead
because you're tired of having to pretend you're happy with them
after all these years of doing nothing all you want to do is start again.