Saturday, 27 October 2012


The cars move too fast around me
as the bus came I said goodbye to Dean
ending our debate on whether a new year really makes a difference
I think it's a good enough excuse to make one
this rain falls hard, but I still don't put my hood on.
I reflect on the best year of my life
and though i try to block it out
I know there's one regret I can't leave behind.


I never should've let go of my winter coat
the rain almost pierces through my skin
an unlucky optimist sees it as a baptism
the excuse to let go of the same old
to choose to travel down a new route
before my way gets labelled as infamy
none of these places get me to where I want to be
because none of those places put you next to me
to feel the way I used to
this new life is too close to what I've been used to
I hate that this current lifestyle is now the usual
Get up don't make love don't be touched
go out late don't know how to cry for help
get drunk, act like the texts sent themselves
I've felt like that with you, I could've done better
my apologies come in texts asking for meet ups
that between us being so busy never seem to come.

This piece has taken a few years to write.

I think we'll be friends one day.