Saturday, 20 October 2012

We've been here before

when a one night stands last three months
it becomes harder to come apart
and harder to accept every time you leave
is a potential break up.
after a girl and a gig I'll find a bus home to fall
It's not a complaint, this is the live I've chosen
to live.
not like my hand wasn't forced but I'll take what
I can get.
A sunny street, oranje juice, polish donut
and real as it gets from the blueprint three.
I didn't get myself out of a place I hated,
instead did renovations.
The man who once held my body in his hands
trusts his life into mine.
One day I'll provide
but now I can't shoot low and aim aim high
Now everything is undone while intertwined
unravels and everything i love leaves me behind
well you know what that's fine. Fucking great.
Keep as straight as you think straight is.

She only wants what was,
and she must have wanted me so much
because she pushed me so hard
It's not her fault, 
she didn't know I still had my dreamcast
that I've got a lockjaw for loyalty.
didn't have to turn my friends into enemies.

I can't keep on losing them.
coming back to this blog.
Telling stories about Max and Jade
when I haven't seen either for months.

Once girl came into the midst of it all
I'd see her every week in east london
we'd talk about big krit and 2chainz
and we'd kiss all night at her place
she's the closest thing to calm I've ever felt.

I don't even know if I miss her.