Friday, 23 October 2009

Lazy sunday two

My lazy sundays there are a few
Before the sun rises into these eyes
I spare a thought for when this bed contained two
When I got out of bed early for you
Since the day I've only had a pillow to hold on to
I remember the hungover states
Walking slowly to the cafe to put grease on our plates
trading glances through glasses
feeling full up and recovered we go back to the bed
not to sleep but love instead
slow motion kisses building to powerful movements
her held-breath-sigh turns into a belated cry

Truly on those lazy sundays I did the most
Now on these lazy sundays i find it hard to cope.
This bed is a cocoon. A womb. Behold a man reborn
call me lightfoot my name is no longer Sean.
Because I keep on moving no matter what
Because the world will be mine quick when i get the shot
Because no man can run faster from any situation
(even when not moving)
I left with the excuse "I'm a young man understand"
and i know it wasn't fair, how could you understand
when not even I could? Nowadays I hope you're happy
and your lazy sundays are filled with love, eggs and tea
at the same time... I pray to the lord for you miss me.
My lazy sundays where the best days.
but that happiness, to be real, was just a phase.

Lazy sunday original (by Leah Anna B)

Lazy Sunday's are for you

I clear my day
lie in bed for two hours
even after I wake up
just to think of you
just to miss you
And i always wonder
how you are
if you're happy
was it worth it

I know we weren't ever official
but my feelings for you were official

When I thought we were perfect
You thought we were adequate
No matter the obstacles i thought
we could handle it
But you couldn't handle it
Maybe your age made you inadequate

Who knows

But enough now...
This day is not for asking questions
I will never get the answers to
It is simply a few hours
dedicated to what once was
and what is no more
a man i never had a right to adore.