Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My bow peeps

My girl looks a little like what i think
little bo-peep would look like, like
to begin with this skinny girls skin's
so thin it gets stretched on a grin
and her hair's fair for fair hair
so fair enough for her fan-fair
though she doesn't seem to care
I find in my mind it's quite a find
that i found this girl of mine
in hers she begs to differ deferring
to her room until she looks "better"
but it's never gotten better

I find her after
she stared in the mirror for hours
and began to break down
each feature on her face
until she finally broke down
there she is crying on the ground
naked broken mirror wearing a frown
I said damn girl we're late that ain't
an evening gown

what im trying to say is
she's my girl but always wasted
unable to face it that her face is
not what her brain has accepted
It's basically based on a personal
perception of yourself, and she's
breathing heavy and crying
I don't know how to help,
clueless on how to fight the loathing
I think my bo-peep was a sheep
in wolves clothing