Thursday, 15 October 2009

Showing my age.

The Love of you is all any man could need.
I'm content with comics and video games
For I have never been a man
yet to crash land from where I am
'mmmore of a martian
some girls move one up and down
It's the best connection to get,
that's why i hate it when we
get moving up and down and she
doesn't look me in the eye.
an all too frequent effect when with
a girl that wants to see someone else
she fucks as a cry for help
it's not that I don't realize this but
I left the game for the same reason
she did not. to love with body parts
so you can silence the cry of a heart
no way will she ever be replaced
her mistakes are expressed on my face
a permanent scowl to remind lovers
we murder all things it's in out nature
so treasure what you got as I'm walking
without. a hand. to hold. and it's winter now
and I'm feeling cold. and i 1ook to the mirror
man I've gotten old.
it's like I've been nineteen for three years
hoping two minutes of time could slide
into a canyon of luxury, having my bones
broken along the way, re-moulding into
something respectable; presentable.
I'd re-emerge a body not a vegetable
a somebody, no longer forgettable.
figure out an easy thing to understand
When young i was a manchild
now old I have become a childman
I mean, a martian. I'm a martian.
the child searched the plains for fun
the man went along, hoping he'd run
into the love of one. that one day
he'd feel good, hoping soon the gist
of you, will be understood
While my martian self hovers above
studying the history of the enigma that's love
observing friends who are dreaming of
girls that don't break then fly like a dove
and guys that can't wait to give you a hug
or boyfriends who at least try a little harder
(can't connect to her friends for a convo)
she doesn't understand there's no point
in talking to people I don't want to know
and my girl does believe she's losing me
that's sad in a way as there is no way she
ever truly had me. Though she should.
we where cocooned on a summers night
the cure was playing on youtube as we cried
and it's a little sad. in a way. right?
can i give her everything i have in sight?
sure, my only posession is eye-light
What's a glow to a martian. I mean a child
no, a man. and I am.
That journey that was planned
will now begin.