Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Dinah Washington

laughter's heard as four thick-enough legs go running into the dark. Dinah sings a harmony.

Mad about the boy fingers are gripped onto flesh in the sea.

Dinah's always where Dinah'd be. This bitter earth in the morning with tea

Will it ever cloy? Keeping the walk home in between misery and joy

The tide goes out and four fingers and a thumb grip one arm. Swimming against a force...

Boiling water rises over while still hidden under Budden lyrics "Some people tell me my music is depressin' but best rapper in the world I was destined"

one head bops at six o'clock forgetting a job.

Dinah is where Dinah always was. It was just a case of remembering to search

A million raindrops fall against the suns dying ember. In september. In the rain.

A bad suit gangles to pour to-be PG tips for Dinah just to sip.

Four feet pitter patter to shore. Promise Dinah's where Dinah's always been.

Dinah is in the most romantic rain. When time goes into slow motion. On a hi fi when a relationship gets serious.

inside. quick breaths. Few tears. Laughter again. What a great bookend.

Dinah is where Dinah will always be, the Washington hope is Inside of me.