Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sunset in Tuscany '08

The day leaves us
And it makes one hell of an exit
Where the sun is a distant heartbeat
Final breathes of light pouring 
The last of its lifeblood into the sky
Clouds are impaled and rest and roll over
The misty green mountaintops
Other clouds have been rolled flat
Made thinner by each passing second
Moments of time taking a memento of the day
Holding onto the backdrop of a painted sky 
That could only ever be watched
Never to be touched
Because to watch is to admire, to love
And to touch is to feel, to hold and to take
To own and overpower
I do not wish to do so
I only stand
Stand and see that
Although I have traveled here,
The sky waited for my presence
A symbol
Or a thought
Or a calling
It's something
I may one day be
Something that I can't hold
But can take with me.