Monday, 11 October 2010

bicycles and spaceships

she gives promises of change on a regular basis
a sample, a loop, always the same old soul song
the beat goes on credits due she raps with conviction
the weight in her chest reminds her it's all be said before
but refuses to hop on any ride whether it bike or spaceship
rather walk alone, she can only trust her own feet
too often she's taken too far in the passenger seat
she lives near the sea, it's not where she wants to be
but it'll do for now,a place where she can figure things out
she can learn how the tide turns, by watching the tide turn
we've all been burned but it varies by the degree
because it's rarely what you see, but how you see it
where some see fun she sees time wasted
so drinks till she's wasted because it's hard to face it
and whenever she sobers up she promises change
on a regular basis i smile, she'll grow up in her own time
she wins academy awards in her own mind
at the parties she should be, with those dancing in celebration
not as a masquerade of talent with a front of pretension
no confusion between loving yourself and creative masturbation
honestly, you don't copy the academy, you learn from them
she'll do fine in time, just don't promise change.
Stay the same.