Friday, 8 October 2010


I make the best of what i have
if i had your back,
i could make things better.
Plied with red wine,
it's outlined on your lips.
I wanted to try hard,
but on a night like this
where every conversation
has become awkward-
stepping up small-talk
as the las call looms
Your dress
is the only thing that fits.
I'm on the brink of friendships
and I'm ruining it for this
this red hard pressed to forget
on her lips on my neck in the back
of the bar it's usually three dates
to connect we've only just met
a party of mutual friends
I've known for months
We'll say we regret this
when they tell us
And we'll talk about how drunk
and stupid it was
the next day.
But right now,
that's hours away.