Thursday, 7 October 2010

What i remember, from memory.

Clear lense, squished from car tyre snow,
Grey hat.
Red coat, lumberjack black squares
collar popped.
mid shot(. Angle.) Small face, big eyes
wearing the smirk that births the
smile that shows the,
teeth that look that,
brings me to my knees
but if it is snowing you
wouldn't notice.
Not in this moment, walking forward,
eye contact with a lense. Blue scarf
scaffolding to the left, where untouched
whiteness rests. thick eyebrows, brown eyes:
Wolflike. Eye contact with a smile.
brown eyes, big enough to engulf
turn, you think you know the street
All we really know is she's fashionable, has
a thin frame padded for the cold with cool clothes
walking along a well travelled, worked-on road,
is taking a moment to turn while trudging through snow
and is in love with whoever is taking her photo.