Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lions den.

When overselling good jokes
more laughs come off-from your cuff.
Every week it's the same stuff
It's always too soon for sweet steve
a "first time", "new stuff"
It always changes, and is always the same,
like time, depending on the performer
five minutes can last forever
a lot of jokes about madeline mccain
a lot of legends names have been spoken
in vein, rape, racism- it's all fair game
to stand out in a quest for fame

"check my profile pic- I held a microphone
because otherwise the people at the back
wouldn't of been able to hear what i say,
see, i talked with wit and they listened AND laughed"
For many this proof in a profile picture is enough.

I pay the four pounds
in the hope that one day
I'll be worth a lot more:
In this room right now
there are a few superstars
restlessly, reluctantly
waiting in line for others stars to align

When we'll look with anxious hope
that our name comes out a golden envelope
instead of a worn-out jesters hat
coming in late, because you just came from another gig
going on. killing it, then leaving right after you finish.
(oooooh that's smooth)
When your heroes have heard of you
and misguided comics try to be you
feel like telling them what they should know:
Humour comes from uncovering honesty
it always inspires me
when i see a comedian
who's more themselves than i am me

When I've trained to the point it's like i never trained at all
and i move too quick for stubborn women to act cool
doing the same thing, but not seeing any weak acts
and doing longer sets, being paid, and feeling dishonest
when doing old jokes about not having enough sex
"hey, remember when we paid to do five minutes"
in five years we'll be in every glossy-mags top ten best list
maybe when i reach that point i'll consider taking a rest
until then, you can find me at the lions den.