Sunday, 17 October 2010

inside whores.... minds

Every week our boy gets a lay
different girl but always at hers
so he never feels obliged to stay
shouldn't hug nor kiss nor say
he'll see her again but he does
it's not a lie at the time, but in time
that promise fades, dies and becomes reborn
birthed from his own lips, cradled in another's eyes
... ("maybe he's not like the other guys"
and he's not but he's got to go)
waiting for the phone to ring and when it does
annoyed that it isn't him, he'd hate that-
if the roles where reversed
so maybe that's why he does it to them first
get running before it ends in hurt.
and before he begins to regret what he's said
he's- too busty chatting up a girl he's just met

so yeah this is old work from my old blog, I'm putting the old one down and putting that stuff on this.
I hope you're well. Whoever you are. Reading this. argh.