Wednesday, 27 October 2010


we're pretty
when lit-dim
and I'm no more me
as they are them
every man in the room
bending heavy
and dignity is overrated
two rooms away
the floors light-up
but we see the light bulbs
and the colours
are from the seventies
in the films it was such a good idea
here it's figuring out the magic trick
when i was the kid i was the only one who noticed it
and now things have changed,
but mainly the shirts and drinks
he she he she he he he he she he
got together, and decided to create
i wasn't invited, and i came anyway
and decided to call them all fake.
Truth is I'm no more me
as they, dude,
we're just a few
shots from the blues
trying hard to impress the chosen few
who are no more them
as you are you.
but that's the idea, right?
since fifteen you've stalked me
like a boo i look over and think
i didn't see you now look like
you didn't look at me seeing you
or, i don't know, it always leaves me confused
how the most simple make my head spin.
the explanation is never that easy, you see,
I haven't always been me
and i assume you haven't always
been what I now see.
I'm still the same
I just changed with the times.
And if i want to keep up
and begin to enjoy myself
it looks like I'll have to do it again.
Because believe it or not,
sometimes dancing is more fun alone.