Saturday, 23 October 2010

lightbolted thunderfeet.

she only comes in your life once
has a tendency to leave jaws on floors
and swing open your mind like saloon doors
got that, thing about her, that after meeting
you can't stop thinking about her
she carried figure eights in whatever she wore
and all the dudes kept a score, knew it too
hard to get but you couldn't complain
when she replied to the stares with a smile
in countless notebooks and blog-posts i tell her
If i could take a while,
and become the tide that strokes your legs
the wet sand nestled in between your toes
enter your mind like the finest prose
or talk on the other side of your phone
i'd be the happiest soul you could know
I'll maybe figure out how she got me alone
then she says "I, liked what you wrote
but forget what you thought,
you think too big, for now lets just talk"
so we smoke and we drink
and we talk and we think
and we laugh on the brink
when we touch we go deep
and it keeps us from sleep
and did so for weeks
and weeks turned to months
and the love didn't last
but i am thankful for what was
because I met a once in a lifetime girl
and though now cold, i know the difference
between a thunderbolt and a street-light
I wont accept any relationship less,
i live for the storm, it's why i run in the night.

my thunderbolt will come
my thunderbolt will come
light-footed i run
light-footed i run
if the light i never see
at least the dark saw the best of me
at least the darkness saw the best of me

the money is all, the love is a plus
the food is great, and attention is a must
i don't work when tired, i've tried
but i've never been tired of the work
if anything it awakens my inner voice
and adds weight to my inner worth
you're not alive until you find your purpose
and you could end this right there
there's not much else i could say
you've got to seize the day, every day
perfect your craft until your work is considered art
it's what makes my heart beat strong
my palms warm, my mind sharp
and my skin kevlar-hard
if you've seen it all before you've seen too much
it turns out you're using your habitat as a crutch
you've got to be willing to take a couple of blows
if you want to be touched
because life gets tough after love leaves you soft
If you want to be ready for the looming thunderbolt
learn to make winter coat from your dog-eared cloth
and you'll be warm enough come next years frost

my thunderbolt will come
my thunder bolt will come
Light-footed I run
Light-footed I run
if that light i never see
at least the dark saw the best of me
the darkness got the best of me

Whether a girl or a career
i often feel lost in the dark
and when most vulnerable
i can be lured by the pass of a blunt
or to mimic someone else's spark
or put my effort into providing a girls wants
but honestly i know my thunderbolt will come
it will shake me, enlighten me
and i guarantee i'll become the sight to see
and god forbid, if it doesn't, honestly
there's nothing else i'd rather be doing
i don't know what to tell her
it's not so much the thunderbolt i live for
but the better me i know i can be,
and will keep up the chase till my legs give way.