Saturday, 2 April 2011

grown upper.

The confusion makes my heart pump,
or maybe it's the love, maybe it's not
and that's how the confusion actually starts.

I don't know where i stand with you
I know i want to stand next to you
because so far i haven't found it hard to

We're both on a similar route
and it's a chosen path
and it was was only for a friend,
you asked, for nothing but reached
I grabbed your hand- got submerged
in wisdom beyond comprehension
roles flipping and trading confession
for secret, they spilled onto the pages
not poems, still letters- still progression.
i never thought we'd get get to this level
that we'd get deep with that initial reach
that you'd be the new 'you' i talk of,
In poems that I'm scared to let go of.

(not caring shouldn't be this hard.

on a quest to forget my past),
I have to keep going forward,
even if i don't know what it's towards,
it's worse than i thought,
feeling better than i ever could of,
loving the one person who would be better off-
without, and I'm self-conscious with the put-out
scared to go past the make-out so i pull out,
just stay sat down, shut-out with arms crossed
don't get in, don't make love, so long since
I've been touched, born fuck-up couldn't admit
to being in love, wouldn't die before i evolved
guess i got into growing up, making up with
those pulling me down yet you saw me drown.
Submerged, and unearthed this rebirth-
that part of growing up is about feeling hurt
and to not admit you're lost just makes it worse.

I love again and I'm benefitted with this peripheral,
whether I'm "in" love or not is inconsequential,
I don't let the rain fall, I know what i can't control.