Sunday, 24 April 2011

What's good?

New friends that become close ones,
good friends that become someones
and Bridget Minamores poems.
Not getting worried when your round comes
Holding onto a loved one till the day comes and
both agreeing to stay in till the next one.
Having a brother in a friend, and knowing
he'll be at your side till you have no days left
and knowing we both feel that and keep it unsaid.
Sunday morning fry ups made by my mum for me.
Thursday morning fry ups made by me for my dad
Any time anyones made me a cup of tea.
Any time I've made myself a cup of tea.
Every cup of tea i have ever had.
Watching crappy tv as a family, getting engrossed into shit
shit music that allows you to turn your mind off.
Great music that pushes you into waking up.
Neil Young, and i wont say anyone else because
out of all my favourite artists he's the one that comes first.
What's good- hooking arms and holding hands.
noses nestled into hair, long talks with foot rubs,
being in a couple of collectives that mean the world to me
one in the business of writing poetry, the other a bunch of poets
who drink to having no money. For life.
Doing what i love, doing it for the love, doing it to get better
to the point where one day i can get paid for doing what i love.
To inspire someone to do what they want, and not just get paid.
watching misogynists performing pieces that think will get them laid.
being able to laugh when girls you like fancy those same men.
Every episode of sopranos, returning to over twenty notifications
Every issue of the amazing spider-man drawn by john romita jr.
being a person who people can see something in.
Being a close friend to a new one, and getting inspiration from
Bridget Minamores poems.