Friday, 15 April 2011

True story.

There's this girl who hangs on every word i say
and I can't lie, about her i act the exact same way
but we have so many mutual friends and jaded
concepts on relationships in our way, we'd have
to get really really really really drunk to make
anything more than verbal foreplay okay.
and awake the next day like "did- did we do that?
I can't believe it... no way... want to do it again?"

It's been so long since I've let someone else in,
I'm a little scared my depth has run into the pen
thoughts and secrets i thought I'd never tell anyone
have turned into confessions to anyone who's prepared to listen.
Dude. It's not all about the attention. I've just had enough
of keeping the countless number of regrets
of what i should have said in (me. it's not healthy)

So while this girl i like and i haven't got together yet
at least putting this down is a sign of progress
Or I'm just telling letting everyone in on a secret
apart from the one person who deserves to hear it?

get me.