Monday, 18 April 2011

I would have told you.

If we're being honest,
London is just another city
living in new yorks shadow
we want their skyscrapers
music, movies and ghetto

I'm not good at planning my sleeps.
I stay up, keep on till i collapse.
Get up, stay up and then repeat.
As if i stretch everything but my limbs
it doesn't make sense-
I'm a hare without ignorance
so how come when even at full speed
that turtle beats me to the finish?

Is it karma?
I'm in the desert, with no partner,
and am jealous, because,
they're on the same trip
but get replenished, with kisses.

If we're being honest,
I often question if
my dignity is worth it
and start a relationship
with a girl i don't really
like being with.
I'm already married to a city
that i don't really like living in.
At night i eat burger king,
watching american television
all day long it's neil young and joe budden-
to regress i guess i can be blinded by my vision/

I wonder if wise men wish for more wisdom.
Others are ahead of me but honestly I'm indifferent.
I complain only to liven the conversation.
My train of thought has no station- so the day i reach
the finish line is the day i reach a more astral destination.
On a mission to sprint through a marathon
I pay no attention to my competition.
Our maps have a alternate direction,
we look through different lenses.
I just need some friendship and guidance
instead of the fleeting meetings and fucks
I am grateful for but, like.
I wonder for how long I'm going to be doing the rounds
and if I don't like, them, what am i going towards?
I love my city but i know that i'll be loved abroad
but i know she needs mine more.