Friday, 29 April 2011

Year two.

It's a feeling that's hard to hold onto like my thoughts
when i don't think or forget to think about anything else
my thoughts go to her and she becomes my dream
and for hours i basically sleep with us sleeping together
and to wake up without her becomes that extra bit harder-
however, i want to make this clear: this isn't a complaint
I'm happy to just know her, last year i was here but- out, there?
with dreams of fast cars with no path- now I'm aware- to an extent
i don't drink most days i think about how i blaze most days
i dream about web slinging through your hair, falling onto a cushion
i meant her hair. It's not a big deal. I still rhyme. but too scared
to take the mic is such a big deal while my train of thought
charges through like the one in inception, 
dead set on the same unreachable destination.
but, you know, it's not, like a thing or anything, it's cool
we're friends! it's cool, it's cool. it's just a thought. you get me?