Friday, 15 April 2011


I wasn't born a wall-flower or, 
But as times passed, 
I admit,
It's become harder to dance.
Not that I can't. I can. I used to. A lot.
and It's not that i forgot- it was blueprint two.
Alone in my room
"songs for the deaf" while on my paper route
(paper rout? paper route)
With my first weeks wages i upgraded
my tapes for a CD player
That skipped nearly every time i stepped
(which only resulted in me becoming
more light- footed)
And I'm not saying i was good
It was just being able to feel what i felt
I never knew you had to body-pop,
or try hard.
First time in company, i tried to dance
and ended up in a circle holding a pint glass
watching others watching others-
Humans conforming to the dancers rhythm
You could of blamed it on the crowd i was in
when i stood out i got beat down (figuratively)
I had to take my left feet out, shake it all off
and take my hokey pokey to a place where
my moves didn't get lost.
I met a girl
befriended others
became a stranger
and not necessarily in that order.
All I've really done is run from
one circle to another- 
and in-between songs
got in a slow dance
living out a fate
that's borderline cliched
playing the same part
in the same play
As an out of place player
in a game with people i hate
I would leave but I'm too afraid
Because nearly everyone i know
laughs at those who dance alone
and i wouldn't mind as much
if i hadn't actually found a connection
if i knew i matched with another's rhythm.